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The Church of the Good Shepherd, Acton Massachusetts, after a few years hiatus, has again prepared a book of Lenten Meditations and it is our hope that you will find this year’s Lenten Meditations useful on your spiritual journey through this Lenten season.  We hope it will be become a daily holy habit for you which blesses your life as well as being food for thought as you walk through Lent, and prepare for a joyful resurrection on Easter.  There is a wonderful sense of unity in knowing that we are all reading the same words and thoughts every day, together yet apart from one another.

The meditations have been written by members of the Church of The Good Shepherd; and, in addition to being uplifting, are also a wonderful way for each of us to get to know one another a little bit better. If a meditation touches you, we invite you to post a comment about it on the blog that may be shared with the writer and all of the readers as it is our hope that these meditations will bring many blessings to both the reader and the author.

The meditations in this book are each based on one of the daily readings for Lent, Year 2, as found in the Book of Common Prayer (with the single exception of Ash Wednesday which is from year 1). We have printed the daily Gospel except in those cases where the author chose to meditate on another of the lessons for the day; in those cases the text of the lesson is included rather than the Gospel. We have included all the readings for each day too, so that you may include them as part of your daily holy habit.

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A Star for our Flock



“In thinking about creating something for Advent, I was focused on the idea that the parish of Good Shepherd was going though a time of searching.  I came across a card illustrated in a catalog from the Chicago Art Institute that captured for me what I was looking for.  The original was done in watercolors and had very blended colors in the sky and land.  I painted a much more active sky and foreground – as I thought that more appropriate to our reality.  The goats and sheep are somewhat together – I believe that to be true of real sheep.  Behind our home is a large pasture in which our neighbor keeps a flock of about thirty sheep.  They are truly uninspiring!  Very little distracts them from their life’s mission of eating grass- something they do 18 hours a day.  They can be heard bah-ing to each other throughout the night – I think they are afraid of the dark!  They do not respond to much – their bizarre eyes stare at you in utter incomprehension. 


But sheep are not the focus of this painting: the two shepherds are.  One has spotted a special star and is telling the other.  We know how special that star is.  And how lucky they are to have this single, commanding star.  They are not distracted by a thousand greater and lesser lights, comets and asteroids, shooting stars which flame for a moment with tremendous importance but quickly extinguished.  At the end of each Eucharist, we pray to serve “with singleness of purpose”.  As individuals and parish, we continue to seek our guiding light.”

Andrew C.


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We are celebrating a new liturgical year and a new church blog at Good Shepherd.  It’s become a tradition over the years to create and distribute a booklet of Advent meditations written by our parishioners.  To mark the new season in the New Year as well as our new blog, the selected scripture from the lectionary and meditation each day will be posted on this site. You can share your response to the passage and the writer’s reflection about it. 


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